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Few words about Jorge

Jorge Gkisas is a Photographer based in Alexandreia, Greece specializes in Portrait Photography. From his first steps in Photography that started in Netherlands, during a difficult period of his life, learned how important is to combine the moment with emotion. Whether it’s the first precious days of a child’s life, or the best moment in life for a couple, the happy feelings in a kid’s morning or the hopeful feeling in a couple’s engagement, Jorge believes that Photography is more than capturing the moment, but creating art that makes you think again and again in the future and feel the same emotion.

His Business’s name “thinkabout” focuses on his desire to see people “thinking about” old moments and feel the same emotions and people who “think about” how to create beautiful moments and make a community with healthier feelings and smiles.


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Be the best version of you!


Social Media Shots

Creative photos for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. The duration is up to 25 minutes and the photoshooting can be outdoor or indoor. This session is only for one look and gives you 5 edited images in full resolution for personal or business use.

60 Minutes Session

Choose the location you want and create with the photographer inspired portraits for personal of business use. The session gives you 10 edited images up to 3 different looks in full resolution and digital form, for your needs.

Event or Birthday Party

Usually the photoshooting duration is about 2 hours and contains cover of full event. This session gives you 80-100 edited photos in full resolution and digital form, ready for print or online post. Your event will be captured with the best possible result.

Social Media Shots

Creative family photos for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. The duration is up to 25 minutes and the photoshooting can be outdoor or indoor. The session gives you 5 edited family images in full resolution and digital form.

Maternity Session

The time of pregnancy is one of the most important period in woman’s life. Let us capture the moments of pregnancy and save the emotions for future thoughts. Be sure that every woman wants to think about these days and it will be stunning to travel in memories through our photos.

Newborn Session

The first days of a baby’s life are always exciting. The newborn photoshooting is one of our best services, that we provide. We love capturing the first moments of a baby’s life and create images to remember in the rest of his/her life.

One off Product

Updating your eshop content or advertising campains in Facebook and Instagram is one the most intresting thing for your sales. The session gives you 1 product photoshooting. The photo is delivered after editing in full resolution and digital form for your needs.

Silver Pack Session

One of the most usuall services for business’s needs. The session is for one time duration and gives you 50-100 products photoshooting. The photos are delivered after the correct editing procedure, in full resolution and digital form, for your needs.

Gold Pack Session

Our clients love this pack and they book it on the start of every business year. The session contains 10 hours photoshooting and you have the ability to split it in three different days. It contains 200-500 products photoshooting for your eshop or social media pages.

Baby Preperation

The session contains baby’s preparation in house before the Christening mystery. The family has the chance to spend time with the baby, prepare for the mystery and save all the emotions in stunning shots from the photographer. Usually the duration of session is about one hour.

The mystery of Christening

The important moment has come and the only thing you have to care is how to get more beautiful moments on this day. The photographer will be at the location of Church before you arrive and will capture all the emotions you will get during the mystery of your baby’s Christening.

Next Day Photoshooting

After the christening you have much time to be happy with your baby. This session is usually organized for the day after the Christening in a location that parents prefer. The baby has a good time with his/her parents and the photographer is there to capture all their hapiness.

Creative content for your eshop & Social Media pages

We create powerfull photos for your online shop and your Social Media Page. We care for your online presence that creates path for your sales.

Our Services for advertising photography contain studio images in high resolution for using at your online shop or your Social Media pages. Also you can use it for digital prints and catalogs for your business. Contact us to discuss your needs and offer you the best solution for your presence.

Clients testimonials

Great professional with knowledge of photography and incredible imagination. Thanks Jorge for our twins photography session.

 Tasos & Eirini, Christening Photography

When i first saw Jorge’s online galleries i was impressed. Amazing professional with a healthy smile and smart ideas. Great person!

 Katerina & Akrivos, Family Photography

I still remember the first appointment. Full of stress. Jorge organized everything perfect and the Christening of our twins was amazing.

 Anna & Menelaos, Christening Photography

Professionalism and Quality. Jorge is one of the persons who want to look around and see perfection. Great person. Excellent professional

 Giannis, Product Photography


” Your job is your message to life.. make sure it’s inspiring! “

We love our job and we care for our services. All our partnerships have the best possible result and our customers are always satisfied with their choice

Quality and professionalism are never limited!

All images are shooted in RAW Format and after the correct processing are ready for delivery.

Quality, never accepts discounts and is always at the highest level, feature that is confirmed every time by customers.

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Distance is never a problem!

I love traveling through my work! Whenever is your base, i undertake to move and cover your mystery or your business photography needs.

Last big photography movement, Scotland. Enjoying the Christening mystery of a little man and create emotions that has to remember in the future! 

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Prices and Offers are always customized!

Each customer is unique and each photo session has different difficulties and management.

After the requested appointment, we analyze your needs and we offer a complete service pack that fits perfectly in your desires.

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